Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy 7th birthday Grayden!!!

Well, my first born babe is SEVEN!! one more year until he is baptized!! I cant believe it! What a wonderful fine young man your are turning into Gray! You are the most thoughtful little boy ive ever met. That is one quality I hoped you would have! You have always put others first and you care so deeply about others. You are the best big brother anyone could ask for. You are always worried about Daxtin and Summer, Especially Summer! You stress out big time when she is crying and stop whatever it is your doing to help. You just hate seeing either of them upset; and often give up something just to make them happy. Warms my heart and I hope that you always keep that wonderful quality. Well its been a while since Ive written about you but here are a few notes to write about you -you still love being outdoors and playing sports. -you love seeing frinds school and get along with pretty much everyone. You like school but find it quite boring most of the time :) -You are doing tykewondo right now and seem to be enjoying it. -You still love your pokemon, but its not a dialy ritual anymore (thankgoodness) -You love to do crafts and try to invent things. You love to be creative -you love food, and can pretty much keep up with your dad when it comes to how much you eat! Did I mention you are a giant. You hover over most kids in your class. -you love sports and you cant wait to play basketball! What is your favorite color? Blue What is your favorite food? Pizza What is your favorite treat? Dairy Queen What is your favorite subject in school? Science and Art What is your favorite sport? Basketball What is your favorite hobby? playing in the backyard What is your favorite movie? Avengers What is your favorite tv show? Avengers What is your favorite book? Avengers and big foot books What is your favorite animal? Dolphin and Rhino What is your favorite song? "I dont care, I love it" What is your favorite restaurant? Coras resteraunt What is your favorite vegetable? warmed Broccoli What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries What is your favorite place to visit? Vancouver Where do you WANT to visit some day? Mexico Who is your best friend? Daxtin and Summer Who is your favorite cousin? What’s your favorite thing to do with (sister)? Play with her What’s your favorite thing to do with (brother)? play on the trampoline What’s your favorite thing to do with Dad? Wrestle What’s your favorite thing to do with Mom? lunch dates and play on the tramp What’s your favorite thing to do with (pet)? feed her Where do you think you’ll go to college? Where do you think you might want to serve a mission? Where do you think you might get married? What do you want to be when you grow up? Teacher What is one thing you want to learn how to do? Play hockey What is one of your greatest talents? What are some of your other strengths? What is something that you wish for? What is something you wonder about? Who is someone that you miss? What makes you nervous? What makes you happy? What age do you look forward to – and why?

family update

So whats new with the FAm! Well We decided to pull the boys from taekwondo! I was hoping it would be somthing they enjoyed but no sense in forcing them to go to something they dont enjoy! Plus i think the organization we chose kinda stunk! If I were to put them in it again, I would choose a different group. Dax can't figure out what he wants to be in, so for now we are sitting on it. Grayden started playing basketball and he abslutely LOVES IT! Its so awesome to watch him in a sport he really enjoys! I cant wait to see how far he goes with it :) We have decided to start looking at new houses! Im so excited to get into our dream home:)

Grayden is 8!!

Wow when did this happen!? My first born is eight years old!! I can't beleive what a fine young man you have become and YOU ARE NOW BAPTISED!!! I remember thinking about this day, and how nervous your Dad would be, and I can't beleive it is finally here! You are now accountable for your choices and I just hopoe that we have taught you well and how to choose the right! You are such a kind hearted caring soul. You stand up for your family and your friends. Although you've been picking on your brother a lot lately, in the end you would do anything for him. You have always been like that. You have such a close relationship to your friends at school and everyone just loves you. Can we talk about school for a second! My dear boy, you have come SUCH a long way! It has been a struggle to get here, but I am so incredible proud of you and all the hard work you have put in to get to where you are! You have done so well in school this year! Although, we still have some struggles, you have come so far! Your teachers are so pleased and proud of you! Your one smart boy! You are so full of energy my boy! sometimes i dont know where you get it from, or wish i could have a piece of that pie, but man oh man! this year you have been obsessed with Pokemon, that phased out a few months ago, and you became obsessed with plants vs zombies, then came goosbeumps, and now its ALL ABOUT FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS! oh my goodness you guys are obsessed! you still love all the other things but Five nights is your fave right now. That was your birthday theme after all. you had a bunch of your friends over, we played soccer and just had fun here in the new house. (wont do that again) it was way too crazy! Your fave food is still pizza, but im so grateful you love all food. your not a picky eater AT all! Sure love you my sweet boy!

Daxtin is 6 !!

My sweet little boy is growing up! You are the most tender loving boy. You remind me so much of me its crazy. Super quiet and shy, yet silly and funny when he warms up to you. You are such a good boy, but you have some anxiety we are trying to break. You still stuggle very much with going to school. We only have about 2-3 months left of school and you are JUST starting to be ok in the mornings, although you NEVER want to go to school. You are doing AMAZING in kindergarten! your teacher couldn't be more proud of you! Your one smart cookie! You still have that adorable squeky little voice. You love to just be at home with mom! One of our favourite activities together is playing minecraft and building things, and playing lego, laitly its been hay day :) You stil enjoy your mommy cuddles at bedtime which i love....I dread the day you dont ask me, "Mom, can you snuggle me for a bit" Ughhh that gets me everytime and my heart just melts. especially when you wake in the middle of the night and come and ask me. You love to someimtes just come in my bed right next to me and snuggle. You love to be outside and you love to just hand out on the swing. your fave food is pizza and grilled cheese...actually WATERMELLON!!! you could live off that! You are still the pickiest little eater EVER! Love you to pieces my little man!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Daxtin!

I remember your big bro turn the big number 5 and it feels the same with you. I just dont know what it is about FIVE, but its such a big number for me. I try my very hardest to make my kids feel so special on there birthdays ;) I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday! One of the happiest days of my life see your beautiful face for the first time ;) You bring so much joy to much life and I can never express into words how much you are loved. At 5 years old Daxtin has changed, and grown so much this year! You are such a smart boy! You are attending precshool and can identify about half of the letters and the sounds they make you can count to over 20 -you dont like to write much -you can read some words already (mostly from memory) -you dont like going to school so much, but you always have fun when I come and get you -you are the pickiest eater and sometimes i dont know why i bother trying LoL. I usually end up making you something entirely differnt then everyone else. I really hope this phase doesnt last long. you dont like any cooked veggie, any caserole mixed. You dont like sauces, the only veggie you eat are cucumber, celery, and carrots! You LOVE cucmber and you eat pretty much all fruits. -You are a very shy boy and get embarrassed easily. Your feelings are hurt very easily ;) Your such a tender sensitive boy, just like your mom ;) I LOVE and look forward to our night time cuddles. You are so busy playing with your friends and mommy is busy keeping up with the house and looking after Summer, that we dont get much time together during the day, so those night time cuddles mean the world and are my favorite moments with you! I just love how you love having me wraped in your arms and feel so comforted having me there laying with you as you go to sleep :) Ill cherish that forever. 1.What is your favorite color? - Blue 2.What is your favourite toy? - Rescue Bots 3.what is your favourite fruit? - apples 4.What is your favourite movie? - Rescue bots and spiderman 5.What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? wraps 6.What is yourfav0urite shirt? -spiderman 7.What is your favourite game? - donkey kong 8.What is your favourite snack?- yoghurt 9.What is your favourite animal? - dolphin 10.What is your favourite song? - rescuebot song 11.What is your favourtie book? - 12.What is your Best friend? - Kaece 13.What is your favorite cereal? - cheerios 14.What is your favourite thing to do? playing on the iPad 15.What is your favourite drink? pop 16.What is your favourite holiday?- Valentines day 17.What do u like to take to bed with you? - mommy 18.What is your Favourite breakfast? - pancakes 19.What you want for dinner on your bday? - cake 20.What do u want to be when you grow up? - a rescuebot

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2014

I have no idea what it was about Christmas this year but it came way to fast and It honestly didnt feel like it normally does? I still havent figured why, but something was off. Dont get me wrong it was still amazing and special, I think it just creeped up too fast and with 3 little ones, it was hard to relax and enjoy. It was so nice to have my mom and dad here. My boys adore them so much and it breaks my heart that they dont live here to see them whenever they want. We just spent the holiday with one another but we had a nasty flu that pretty much everyone took turns with! Really sucked to have that over Christmas. The only ones that didn't catch it were me, Gray, and Summer! This year Daxtin was really into Cars and hot wheels. Dax asked for A monster truck, hot wheels, a bike, a fishing rod and last minute a dino rescue bot (I literally bought the night before) Thank goodness I did, because you haven't stopped playing with it since! Grayden was really into Pokemon of course but the number one thing on his list was a Halloween decoration!! LoL what a kid! He also got a monster truck, GT's, fishing rod, pokemon stuff and a bike, a few other things too but it was a really GREAT Christmas :)

9 months old!

This has been a big month for Summer Bear ;) She is officially crawling everywhere! a week before your 9 month birthday you figured out putting those knees out in front of you and you haven't stopped since! You've been army crawling all month but finally figured it out. My favourite this month is you started giving kisses ;) open wide cute little kisses ;) you know what no means and you shake your head whenever we say no. You say mama...and you just love me haha...One of the sweetest parts about being a mom is always being needed and wanted, ALWAYS! ;) Its such an incredible feeling, over whelming sometimes, but wonderful ;) You've tried lots of differemt foods this month. We've tried green beans, carrots, blueberries, apples, broccoli and I cant remember what else but you LOVE food! Theres nothing you havent liked so far. Your first Christmas was so special ;) So many good memories this month! I can't believe your already so big! You are still the happiest baby on the planet!! Oh honey, I hope you never loose that constant smile ;) Im so blessed to have you, to have a daughter! You are such a joy and Im so blessed to be your mommy Happy 9th month bday baby girl ;) xoxo Mommy

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My little girl is six months

Where did half the year go?? I cannot beleive its been half a year with you! Life is so crazy and busy these days but I find myself reminding myself to soak it all in. As I no all to well how fast this stage goes. I knew youd be sitting up at 6 months ;) You still need pillows all around because you are not that sturdy yet, but you can definitely sit up now! We are about to start your first solids...Avacodo :) I am still needing to pinch myself every now and again, when I think about how great my life really is! and then when I look at you, the daughter I thought id never have my heart just wants to explode. Honestly, how did I get so blessed?! Life can be crazy and your brothers and wild most of the time and then theres you, just this perfect little princess haha...Im sure you will have your momements, but like I said to your Dad last night, it's hard to imagine ever getting mad at you right now. more things about you, You love patty cake you loveee your bouncy chairs! You love to jump and put everything in your mouth you are obsessed with the blender! ....everytime it goes on you literally go all crazy! I think any loud noise in general you go crazy over ;) Happy 6 months sweet girl Mommy

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

7 months

Oh Summer bear please stop growing! Its so sad knowing how fast everything is flying by and, the thought of knowing as you pass each stage, that I won't get to experience this again brings a lump in my throat ;( You are getting so big and growing so fast, and as sad as that may be, its also super exciting! Im afraid after this month You will never just stay in the spot that I place you. You are going to be crawling in no time. That is DEFINITELY something we all will miss. I love looking back on this blog to when your brothers where the same age. You were all doing the exact same thing, and developing at the exact same rate. Your brother daxting started crawling a couple days after his 8 month bday.......so we will see! You caught your first little cold this month, actually ALL MONTH. You had this chroic cough all month so we are trying to cut out dairy, to see if taht makes a difference! You are starting to find your voice a lot more. You love to SCREAM and the boys think its hilarious ;) You are starting to get used to avocado, we added peas to the menu, but mommy still only feeds you about twice a week. You just love your mommy and I love knowing you know who I am! Your mom! How special is that ;) You know your name and start to reach out when you want picked up. You are just such a special little soul. Its insane. Everyone around you just lights up and constantly says what a happy baby you are. You get so happy you do this little dance because you just cant contain your joy! Your just so special! Love you more than words can say baby girl! Mommy

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 months

You are one sweet little spirit and I find my self constantly oozing over how in love i am with you! Having a daughter gets me sometimes, when I think about all the fun and special moments i will experience with you. You are getting so big!! Not much has changed this month other than that. You are so content and happy! If I had to describe you with one word, that would be it HAPPY! You love love love your daddy! everytime he comes home you have the brightest and biggest smiles waiting as soon as you hear his squeaky love voice he has just for you haha It is a beautiful thing to see your man with his daughter! Cant really describe into words what that feels like but i never thought i could love your dad any more than i already do. You are scooting, rolling, and pushing your self around everywhere these days! I swear you will be crawling in no time! you can just barely sit on your own for a second or 2 before falling over so i bet you will be sitting up by the end of the month! You get really into playing with certain things and if those things get taken away, you are sure to let us know! You love your dads watch and the butterfly toy in your exerciser! Your sleep is still AWESOME! nothing has changed there other than naps getting more and more consistant! Its been so nice having everyone back at school and being able to just rock with you when you need me too and not having to stress about everyone letting loose downstairs. Im going to soak up this precious time with you. You are just such a joy in our home! i could watch you sleep all day and just feel my heart melt everytime! I am so thankful for you! Im thankful for your health and how blessed i feel to have all that i do. I hope i never take that for granted! love you so much baby girl Happy 5th month mommy xoxo

Monday, September 8, 2014

Grayden is in Grade 1

I cant believe my first babe is in Grade 1!!! Somebody slap me! He is officially in school full time for the next 16 years! Thats a scary thought, what's even scarier is trusting others to lead and guide you the right way when im not there, or hoping and praying others are not mean to you! I have been dreading this day for years and hoping it wouldnt come so fast…….just the thought of not having you around all day for days at a time puts a lump in my thought, but as the days came closer I have become alot more ready for this day. You are such a sweet and tender boy but you have your momements LoL and I will definitely be excited as heck to see you at the end of the day and surely soak up the time we do have together. The morning of I was excited for this new chapter but sad at the realization of you independence and not needing mommy as much…. over the summer you have been very much into friends and always wanting to be out front…. so it has begun….the chapter of friends :) I wont ever forget the morning I dropped you off for your first day of grade 1. You were so excited (much different than kindergarden) i walked you to the gate and we gave hugs and kisses (hopeing that doesn't go away anytime soon) and you walked yourself to the door like such a big boy and yelled out "bye mom" I dont think you even looked back (i know that was your shy side coming out) I was so sad but so proud of you!!! I walked back to the van with a big lump in my throat and managed to hold back the tears ;) That was definiely a moment…a big mile stone for you, and for me! ….Words just cant express how much i love you and how proud I am of the boy to have become :) Excited for this new adventure !! Heres you on your FIRST day of FIRST grade :)

Summer 4 months

Summer is 4 months! You are growing so much its crazy! You started rolling over this month from your front to your back but cant quite make it to your back to your tummy ;) You grab at everything now and everything goes in the mouth! WE have to start being very careful now! Youve been starting to teeth for a while now! You are one drooling mess sometimes. Your sleep schedule and routine haven't changed much at all. We have a crazy house this month with it being summer and no school and I cant wait to spend some alone time with you when school starts! Just one more month ;) You love your baths you love your brothers you love patty cake and anything that involves moving your hands about you love to smile your starting to love your carseat and usually fall asleep everytime you like to eat mommys face when you are hungry Happy 4th month xoxo Mommy

5 months old

I cant believe your almost half a year! Seriously where does time go? This month has flown buy and a lot of new changes have happened around here! Kids are all back at school so I get you enjoy you so much more ;) It was one crazy summer for me and im honestly SO glad its over! Some days it will be just me and you and Im so grateful for that ;) You are rolling around like crazy and you do this little scoot where you stand on your toes and can actually push yourself forwards……?! You are SOOO unbeleivably rolley! LoL your baby fat is so cute ;) You put everything in your mouth You love your dad like crazy I cant believe how happy you are….ALL TIME TIME….you just have smiles for EVERYONE, even strangers fall in love with you! I get told all the time, "what a happy baby"…kinda warms my heart ;) We are waking up alot earlier now since we have to get kids to school by 8am. You are going to bed earlier too, usually around 930 and your still sleeping through the night with a couple feeding times……I just love how you ask for food haha you make the sweetest little noises as you wait. Your always ready for a nap about an hour after you wake for the day. I cant believe we start solid foods next month! Thats so crazy….but i cant wait to give you some ;) Happy 5th month xoxo Mommy

Monday, August 4, 2014


Summer is 3 months

You are getting SO BIG my little girl! All the rolls have come out this month ;) You look so cute and probably the only time in your life that calling you a chunky monkey is acceptable :) at 3 months you are one SMILEY girl! You are such a happy baby and i think its because you know how much your loved! I love waking up next to you every morning and seeing those big smiles all for me :) What else is new this month…you are now full of giggles…all the time. You do this adorable thing when we get you to smile where you tuck your chin into your chest and turn your head side to side and throw your arms up by your face. Its hard to explain but sooo adorable! You are very ticklish) -You love your baths and you are developing a more consistant daily routine. You are usually out like a light around 10:30 for the night. You pretty much sleep the entire night! You sometimes wake up around 6 for a feed but NO DIAPER CHANGES IN THE NIGHT FOR THIS MAMA!! You stay prety much completely dry until around 7/8am You my dear are amazing. Im the luckiest mommy in the world. You usually are up for the day around 8 but were still adjusting to that. Daddy went back to work so mommy is getting up at 7 now, before we both slept in until around 10 but i find you get up earlier now that you dont have mommy there beside you. You usually have another nap a couple hrs after you wake up and have about 3-4 naps throughout the day. You are starting to get pretty coordinated and grabbing at toys just in the last week! i absolutely love this baby stage and getting so scared and sad to see it fly by. Im soakin you up baby girl….

Summer is 2 months

I seriously don't know how another baby could be more perfect than you! You are just such a special soul and I see it every time I look at you! You have grown SO much thus month. I think your atleast 12lbs now! -you finally deliberately started to smile at 5 weeks old! It has to be one of the most precious moments, when your baby looks back up at you with a smile! Seriously turns my heart to mush! Sometimes we've heard a little giggle behind that smile but not often. I hear you giggle quite frequently in your sleep! So precious! Your sleeping hasn't changed much! We go to bed around 11 and you usually don't get up until 5 or 6 am! You love to snuggle with your mommy and usually wait for me to wrap you under my arms to fall to sleep! I will always cherish our bedtime snuggles and I try to soak up every moment. I know time your little head will be to heavy to snuggle right next to me under my arm :( time sure flys by sweet heart and as much as that statement brings me sadness it also means so much joy! This stage in your life is so precious and one of my very favourites but the only easy way for me to be ok with it, is watching you grow and experience life and do things as a family. Each stage of your life will be precious and there will always be something different in those stages I'm looking forward to.

1 month summer

Summer is ONE month old! What an overwhelming joy it is to have her apart of our family :) She is just so perfect in every way! We have always been so blessed with such good babies! You constantly sleep and you never cry! When your hungry or have a different need you just grunt or make little noises. As far as sleep goes your mamma has been very well rested this month! We go to bed around midnight and you usually always wake up between 4-5am and then again around 7 or 8am and then we go back and we finally get up for the day around 10 or 11….sometimes noon LoL!! It has been awesome! Cody asked me the other day how its been on me to wake up in the night and have to change diapers etc and I told him I LOVE it….I love the feeling of being fully depended on and I love being your mom and having to make little sacrafices to help you in every way. I think Knowing you are our last baby and that every stage that goes by I won't ever get to experience again has made me so much more appreciative of every moment and I'm doing my best to soak it up. So far having a third baby has been so easy and this 4 year gap is amazing and much different than a 23 month gap!! The boys are so helpful and they just play with one another! They absolutely adore there little sister and it has been so nice to be able to spend so much time with Summer and really get that quality time she needs from me. I don't know if, or when it will ever sink in the fact that I have a daughter!! It literally brings tears to my eyes just thinking about what that means and all the mommy/daughter moments I will cherish and get to experience! I count my blessings everyday!! So so blessed Happy 1 month baby girl!!

Happy 6th Anniversary !!

This year cody and I decided to head to Edmonton for our anniversary! It was hard to leave the boys but Im glad it was only for one night. We stayed at the fantasy land hotel and it was so much fun! We had a relaxing time and went to the water park the next day! We spent a lot of our time watching home videos of our kids ..haha thats just who we are!! .... it was nice to get away with eachother kid free :)

Gray is loosing his baby teeth!

I dont think theres a better reminder that your kids are growing up then when they loose there frist baby tooth!! I cant believe my little man is loosing teeth already!! He has been trying to get this little sucker out for weeks and finally he pulled it out all by himself :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer Rose - Your birth Story!!

On Friday April 4 2014 at 9:04Pm our Precious baby girl came into the world :) Here is your birth story : That morning mommy had a Chiro Appnt at 10:45 ….to help my back but to also help you come on your own! Not sure how it works but mommy was willing to try anything….. Mommy also had an appointment at 3pm with my midwives and there they did another stretch and sweep and also sent me home with a "magic remedy" Castor oil mixed with a german flower only found in germany. I had to mix the two together and shoot it back. When I got home I took the first dose at 4pm and after a couple of hours if nothing happened I was to take the 2nd dose. Around 430pm I started to get mild contractions but they seemed to be coming as a patern of every 10 mins lasting about 45 seconds. I started timeing them at 530 as they were getting closer and closer coming every 3-4 mins long. I called my midwife and told her they were becoming more intense and alot closer together. She said to call her back when they started to last about a minute. WELL they definitely came on really hard fast and they were starting to take my breath away. I was still second guessing myself and was afraid to call my midwife because what if they just stopped?! I called my sister and she was on the phone with me during one of my contractions and DEMANDED i get my butt to the hospital LoL….I had to get Cody to squeeze my hips because it was the only thing to help cope with the pain. My poor protective Grayden was trying to help mommy get comfortable by rubbing my back and trying to suggest places I should lay to make me feel better! We called Grandpa and he came over to watch the boys as we were planning to meet my midwives at Foothills for 830PM ….That was the worst Car ride of my life!!! Poor Cody was grinding my back with one hand as I held on to the bar above the window….I seriously wonder what other drivers thought who would have saw me in agony tugging on that bar LoL….. We arrived about 10 mins early and the nurse took me to my room as I waited for my Midwives to get there.She also asked if I was wanting an epidural and I told her No …..I desperately wanted to do this last and final labour on my own and to experiance a natural birth. If it wasnt for those little short breaks in between contractions …I could have never done it, but when I had my breaks I just took those moments to recoop and to encourage myself to keep going. They arrived about 10 mins later and checked to see how far I had dilated….I was 7Cm and they could tell by the intensity of my contractions that this baby would be here in no time! She said if they break my water it would speed things up by 30%. Meanwhile Cody was still parking the car! Cody Finally came to the room as I was getting in the bath. I had two intense contractions within 5 minutes and Kristy could tell I was fully dilated and asked if I could feel the baby coming or the urge to push….I have never felt the natural sensation before so I didn't know. She asked if I wanted to have the baby in the tub but there was no way Cody could come and help me or even an arm to hold onto as I pushed so I said no…….. the moment I stood up I just felt her RIGHT THERE and i literally could not move! I needed to push! They helped me out of the bath and I told them that I couldn't move and that I HAD TO PUSH…They knew i wasn't going anywhere so they rushed to get sterile pads and gloves because I was pushing her…right there on the bathroom floor! It was unbelieveable pressure and I could not help but push….Kristy was telling me to stop because i needed time to stretch or I would tear and that was the hardest part…not to push….finally she gave me the ok and out she came!!! they put her on my belly and for the first minute you were quiet as can be and I kept asking if you were ok…I guess you were probably thinking the same thing i was…..WHAT JUST HAPPENED! It was a moment I will never forget seeing you there on my chest for the first time as mommy and daddy just layed there rubbing your head. I could not believe what just happened! Your dad was amazing helping mommy through every contraction and supporting me while you were born! He is truly the best husband and you are so lucky to have him as your daddy! I layed on the bed with you the entire first 20 minutes you were born….no one took you away from me unlikemy other experiences and it was perfect. You nursed for the first time and latched for a solid 20 minutes! They took you and weighed you for the first time and you were 7lbs 9oz and 20" long! You were PERFECT! Its crazy to think we got to the hospital at 8:30 and you were born at 9:04 ….It just happened SO fast and I DID IT COMPLETELY NATURAL!!!!! IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! I just can't beleive I actually did it :) We were able to bring you home only a couple hours after you were born! It was so nice to just go home in my own bed :) It was surreal to think we left Grandpa with the boys around 8 pm and by midnight we were home with a new baby girl :) …SOME DATE :) LOL Summer Rose, I feel an outburst of grattitude for you in my life and to have you come into the world so healthy and perfect! It still hasn't hit me that I have A DAUGHTER!!! I wanted a baby girl so bad I just can't beleive my dream has come true! You really are a piece of heaven and we are soo soo blessed to have you join our new little family. Our family is so blessed and we love you so much! Mommy and Daddy xoxo

40 weeks pregnant!

Uggghh I just want my baby girl out so bad! Pregnancy is so hard……. to be honest…..Its HORRIBLE……Aside from feeling her precious little movements and the THOUGHT that I'm carrying a precious human being inside of me….pregnancy is awful! Those are the only good parts! I do not feel the "glow" I just feel CONSTANT back pain and the urge to pee every 5 minutes….! and Im pretty sure I will get way more sleep when my newborn princess is here than I am right now! LoL ugh…40 weeks ….she will be here soon….she will be here soon!! On my due date :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gray is six!!

My Big Boy is 6 :) ….It's so hard to imagine you were ever the size of a football! You've grown so much and its a scary feeling sometimes just how fast you are growing up. I am so proud of the little man you have become. You are the most thoughtful boy and so so loving! You are the best BIG brother in the world…..SERIOUSLY! I get people asking me all the time how do my kids get along so well, what did I do?……and I tell them that I honestly did nothing…..I just have the most amazing thoughtful little boy that would do anything for his brother! You are so protective of Daxtin and would do anything to make him happy even if it means giving up whatever you have or are doing. Just an example of your thouhtfulness :) ……Daddy was going to pick something up but there was only one carseat in the car, so since you asked first you got to go……Dax was sooo upset so he opened the door and started crying as you guys were turning around. You saw how upset he was and said. "daddy stop, I want to let Daxtin go, he can go daddy, stop" so you got out of the car to let your little brother go instead of you :) ….it was so sweet and you ALWAYS do that for him. if your playing with a toy that Dax wants, you let him have it. If he wants to sit in your seat in the van, you give it up. Like is said you would do anything for him :) Favorite color- Favorite Animal- Favorite book- Favorite tv show- Favorite movie- Favorite Song- Favorite food- Favorite breakfast food- Favorite drink- Favorite snack- Favorite outfit- Favorite game- Favorite toy- Who is your best friend?- What is your favorite thing to do?- What is your favorite thing to do outside- What is your favorite holiday- What do you like to take to bed with you at night- Where is your favorite place to go- P What is your favorite restaurant? Where do you want to go on vacation? What do you want to be when you grow up? What did you do on your birthday?

Daxtin turns 4

My baby boy is FOUR…… For your birthday you wanted a "Rescue Bot" birthday :) Sooo thats what you got…..You LOVE LOVE LOVE rescue bots and the TV show! Mommy loves going crazy and making your birthdays memorable with your favourite theme from that year :) You are such a tender loving spirit :) You are so sensitive and Mommy has to be very careful the way she talks to you when Im upset because your feelings get hurt so easily. You are such a good boy too! Mommy and Daddy hardly ever have to argue with you and you rarely need time outs! Your just such a good boy! You have such a sweet little baby boy voice still and I honestly hope it never goes away LoL …… You love to be outside and you LOVE your big brother so much! It makes me feel like such a proud mom that you and your brother are the bestest friends! I hear all the time about sibling rivalrys and that all they do is fight…..BUT NOT you guys! YES, you have your moments but for the most part you guys play so well together :) Nicknames- Favorite color-Green Favorite Animal- Crabs Favorite book- Favorite tv show- Favorite movie- The Lego Movie Favorite Song- TWinkle Twinkle little star and everything is awesome! Favorite food- Pizza Favorite breakfast food- Pancakes Favorite drink- Water and juice Favorite snack- strawberries Favorite outfit- Nike outfit Favorite game- Donkey Kong Favorite toy- pvz Who is your best friend?- Kaece What is your favorite thing to do?- What is your favorite thing to do outside- Hockey and skating What is your favorite holiday- Easter What do you like to take to bed with you at night- Where is your favorite place to go- Pizza store What is your favorite restaurant? Where do you want to go on vacation? Nana and papas What do you want to be when you grow up? What did you do on your birthday? We had a rescue bots party and then the next day we went to Tommy K's place with your friends

Christmas 2014

Christmas was really nice and quiet this year! I was a little sad not seeing my family this year since my parents stayed home, but it was nice to just be with Cody's family and not worry about the back and forth! Christmas Eve we spent eating munchies and playing games like we do every year! Christmas and traditions just keep getting funner and funner as the kids get older and are able to participate in more things. More than anything they just GET IT. The excitement of Christmas and Santa coming to there home is just soooo fun! We adopted a new tradion last year by having an elf join our family at Christmas time. The boys named him "Elf Elf" he lets santa know how the boys are doing and if theyve made the nice list, but more than just a good bribery for mom and dad, its so fun for the kids :) We had Christmas morning at our home with just our family and the boys got spoiled by Santa. Then off to Grandma and Grandpas for more prezzies and a great family dinner :)

It's a GIRL!!!!

I seriously CANNOT BELEIVE IM HAVING A DAUGHTER!!!!! It still hasn't sunk in and it feels completely foreign to even think it. We planned it on my 19th week because my entire family was going to be here for my mom's 50th birthday! Cody and I went in for our ultrasound and told the tech that we didn;t want to find out the sex, but we wanted her to seal the results in an envelope for us to take to the bakery. It was so awesome to see the baby but we both felt strongly it was going to be another boy! I was nervouse to even do that cake revealing because I knew how badly my family wanted me to have a daughter and if it was a boy It would be totally awkward for me because I would know what everyone would be thinking! I decided to go ahead with it anyway and boy am I glad I did!! I was so nervouse cutting that cake but excited either way!...I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT ICING TO BE PINK let me tell you!!! I could not believe it and just yelled. OH MY GOSH, and everyone just started screaming and crying all at once! It was SUCH an awesome moment!!! I was sooo happy to know I was having a baby girl! let this new and exciting adventure begin.....oh, and the SHOPPING lol

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Were expecting #3 !!!

Found out Im pregnant today!!!!! We were waiting to start trying until November but I guess God had other plans! It was a total shock! I remember buying some lady stuff in Vancouver because I was expecting it and never thought anything of it. I was feeling a little off the last few days we were there and getting sick to my stomach after drinking a verve...when we got home I still felt completely sick to my stomach and I couldn't even LOOk at a can of verve without feeling nauseas! Even after all that, the thought I could be pregnant just NEVER occured to me (becasue we were not trying and the same method of birth control had worked for the past year, so why now? Anyway, it wasn't until I saw my UN-opened box of tampons sitting on the stairs did I think, " HOLLY CRAP", well and the fact that I was almost a week late!! I took the kids to the drug store and went to the library washroom and took the test!! I walked around for a few minutes keeping the test in my pocket and after 5 minutes i tool a peak and those 2 pink lines were bold and present! I was SOOO SHOCKED, but excited at the same time! Cody just so happened to be in San Diego at a Vemma convention and I was DYEING TO TELL HIM, but I refused to tell my husband we were expecting out third and final baby over the phone or text!!! .....I toughed it out and planned a really fun surprise! I made the kids and I T-shirts that said "BEECHER #1, BEECHER #2 AND my shirst said BEECHER #3 near my belly. We met daddy at the airport and thats how he found out! Tara-lynn was more shocked than anyone but Cody doesnt like to show emotion in public like that LoL.......it was super fun and we couldn't be happier :)

Graydens in KINDERGARTEN!!

Graydens had his FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN!!! I can't believe my little man is in school :( He did very well his first day! LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES GOODBYE but he did just fine! as the days went by it started to get harder and harder for him because they are such long days 8:40-3 2-3 times a week. Hes not used to such long days being away from home. Its taken a few months for him to get used to this and even now (NOVEMBER 12) he still asks if the day will be long. I remember not letting the fact that my little guy was in kindergarten already really get to me and it didn't until Cody called me to see how the morning went. He asked how I was doing and I just started to cry LoL ....Big sap over here! It wasn't the fact that he started his first day of school that made me cry, it was knowing this was the start to his school days and Im worried for all that he will have to face when Im not there to protect him :( Its a scary thought.... Anyway I was so proud of him on his first day :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Callaway park fun

I love when I get a day to myself and just my boys! I try to plan something fun when this happens and what's better in the summer to do than go to callaway park?! We had so much fun together! I cherish days like today :)

family camping

vancouver 2013

Vancouver 2013

Daxtin's FIRST day of preschool

Daxtin has been SOOO excited to go to preschool all summer! He talked about it all the time, the morning of preschool we got all handsome and ready, took some adorable pictures, but when the time came for me to say good at schoo....he would NOT LET ME GO! It was horrible and I was not expecting that reaction LoL I should have known better I guess since hes NEVER apart from me. I just thought he was so excited hed have no problem saying goodbye! The teacher had to peel him off of me :( The first 3 days were much of the same but the fourth day he was able to walk himself to circle time with a sad face non the less :) Thats my little big boy!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


We decided to enroll Grayden in T-Ball this spring. I was contemplating soccer or T-ball but his last game of soccer he was kicked in the face with the ball so soccer was out according to Grayden! I'm really wishing we convinced him to do soccer again because T-ball is SO BORING! Way to slow amd to much standing around!! He likes it but before the hour is up he's ready to go home! He is saying that he wants to be in wrestling, or boxing ??!! Not sure how I feel about that one, BUT he definitely needs to be in something where his little legs are moving!

Vancouver 2012

Vancouver is seriously a highlight of our year! The kids especially look forward to it!!! This year was the first time we did a road trip (I LOVE ROAD TRIPS) It was a LONG drive, but it was beautiful! I love the conversations that happen during a long road trip! -they are my favourite! The kids did really well, EXCEPTIONALLY WELL actually! we had to stop a few times (always around the 3 hour mark) because Dax just couldn't take the long sitting times. We had so much fun with Nana and Papa! The beaches are by far the best moments we have there! My boys are so observant and they just love looking for all the cool things that you can find on a beach- especially sea life! We went to the water park again but Grayden was still terrified from last time that we didnt do many of the water slides :) One of the best days was spending it alone with my boys outside on the slip n slide! I had so much fun with them! One of my favourite parts was the blue berry picking!! The boys loved that too. We went home with so many fresh organic blueberries- it was awesome! I can;t wait until next year!!!!!!!